Haunt of Magic is a 4th edition D&D game. This is our gaming group’s first foray into 4e. It takes place in the land of Belshurr, a world I have developed. Though I have not created all aspects of it so it is easier to create things as needed and also so the players can help create and define the world.

The adventuring party consists of 6 characters all starting at first level.

Galatus, Half-Orc Fighter- Tempest Technique mini pic

Perrin, Halfling Rogue- Artful Dodger mini pic

Saleed, Deva Druid- Trying the Hybrid rules. Druid and Shaman mini pic

Krihko Eel-Tonuge, Tiefling Bard- Virtue of Cunning mini pic

Arrian, Eladrin Warlock- Fey pact mini pic

Our group has been gaming together for seven years now. Please feel free to check out our gaming web site Zombie In the Trunk it contains Weekly game pics , a randomly updated blog by the webmaster and some other little things.

Also please check out the website of our resident player artist Colin Adams who was kind enough to take my terribly bad scrawlings and create the excellent map for this campaign.

Haunt of Magic

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