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On Teeshaltan and other races By Hadarai

While Teeshaltan was a province of Belshurr it is now the hardest contested of the Lands. Creatures from the swathe regularly attack. Along the border are a series of forts to help protect the Land

Teeshaltan always had a great military academy that most who chose to serve in the army of Belshurr as officers eventually attended for at least some span of time. While the population shrunk, especially the human part, after the Day of Purple Sun the numbers of other races grew. Both the Tieflings and Dragonborn had their grand cities and homelands completely overrun after the Day of Purple Sun, in fact both places seemed to be focuses for the earliest waves of creatures. Both the Dragonborn and Tieflings were always heavily represented in the military of Belshurr and they were instrumental in fighting a retreating action that allowed not all the peoples to be overrun and ultimately resulted in the creation of the lands we now occupy today. Once borders were fairly established Teeshaltan sent out a call to all Dragonborn and Tieflings who wished to, to resettle in Teeshaltan. At that time Teeshaltan was hard pressed and the most fragile of the Lands

The Land had lost its Count and his family for they were all in Pelmarr on the Day of Purple Sun and were lost. The military officers had necessarily taken control of Teeshaltan but did not have the numbers they needed to hold back the creatures of the Swathe for long. Now in Teeshaltan a military council rules. It is made up of the commanders of the Infantry, Cavalry, Arcane Troops, Divine Auxiliaries and Special Forces. These five make all the necessary decisions for the Land.

While the vast majority of Dragonborn and Tieflings live in Teeshaltan and usually serve some amount of time in the military not all do. Plenty still live regular lives and keep their history and traditions alive as well as add new chapters.

The Teeshaltan Military Academy still stands in Crucible and they welcome people from all lands to come train, teach and share ideas there. Often promising officers from other lands spend some time there to learn from the vast amount of military teaching, writings and experienced officers.

Other peoples also call the Lands home and called Belshurr home.

The Half-Orcs whose beginnings no one is sure about still live through most of the Lands with the heaviest concentrations in Teeshaltan and Brastedham. Many have taken to fighting the creatures of the Swathe with great fervor.

Gomes are mostly found in the Land of Fattera Ettria and though they are a free people there, they ruling Eladrin do not often consult them on decisions they make. Although they do welcome them into the military usually as some form of auxiliary.

Though not much is known about them people so still encounter the Deva from time to time. Since they never have had a homeland or congregated in numbers, most likely due to their immortal origins, little is know about how the Day of Purple Sun affected them.

Other Races

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