On Brastedham and Humans. By Hadarai

Humans are an interesting and varied race. While many other races seem to mostly have an affinity for certain type of life you can never tell with humans. You are just as likely to meet one that studies the Arcane arts as you are to find one that revels in nature and lives among the animals. This and their adaptability has proven to be a strength. Many are easy going and have made friends and acquaintances with peoples of many races. In fact it was this in the Line of Cerague that, in time almost forgotten, led to the creation of the Grand Kingdom of Belshurr out of a variety of races that spanned a continent. Now since the Day of Purple Sun the largest and majority of Humans reside in the Land of Brastedham.

Brastedham is an interesting study since it is a huge area of farming land. It grows vast amounts of foods and cannot consume it all. While this has always been the case and Brastedham has a rougher time shipping is goods, since almost all of it is now done with ships. With the lack of roads and the destruction of the teleportation circle network that existed in Belshurr this posed a problem of how to ship all that food and keep it from rotting. The problem was solved by some enterprising Halflings and is more properly covered in another section.

A Heredity County rules Brastedham. The Count relies on the Mayors or town councils to oversee the people while the Count focuses on Trade and appoints Generals to protect Brastedham, especially the Gartem and Garheth. Since Brastedham was always a framing area and not known for its contributions to the military ranks it had a staggering challenge after the day of Purple Sun. While some military units, most of who were not native to Brastedham, helped to initially secure it Brastedham did have to develop and encourage some of its people to take an interest in warfare.

The Brastedham military is now made up of mostly town militias who train at least 3 days a month and spend 3 weeks each a year on the border with the Swathe. The standing military forces of Brastedham are fairly small, they consist of mostly people who patrol the great rivers and seek out any threats to eliminate before they become a large problem. It is reported that at least once a year some creatures of the Swathe attempt to dam one or both of the rivers and the military must then break these dams, which they try to do before they are completed. Brastedham is the recipient of some unintentional help from their Elven neighbors in the Ever Forrest. Since the Elves are know to send out large raiding parties any time they sense weakness in any creatures of the Swathe near the Ever Forrest roughly a third of Brastedham’s border is considered safe and is patrolled lightly. They creatures of the Swathe in that area have learned that when they have gone to attack Brastedham the chance of their homes or lairs being devastated while they are gone is high.

Brastedham does actively recruit veterans from Teeshaltan to come spend some years fighting for them and to help train their militias. Some even end up settle in Brastedham.


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