On Elven culture
By Hadarai

While in most lands you will find some Elves living and working, the vast majority of Elves live in the Ever Forrest. The Elven people are an interesting one. They have no set leader or ruling body. Rather when needed a gathering is called of Family Representatives.

Elves split themselves into Families. Each Elf takes the last name of his or her family. These Families can greatly vary in size from around 20 to hundreds or perhaps thousands. While each Elf is born into a family often they do not spend their whole lives as part of that Family. When two Elves marry the elders of the Families decide which one the new couple will belong to.

Most Elves you meet will give you their first and Family name. Though amongst themselves they add a Lineage name, though non-elves rarely hear them.

The Port City of Hope is more of a vast market, where the elves come to trade with outsiders. Elven bows and woodworking are the most sought after items, though their leather goods do quite well.

The Ever Forrest appears to be one of the most stable Lands since the Day of Purple Sun. It is said most creatures of the Swathe are afraid to enter the Ever Forrest and that the Elves regularly raid into the Swathe. Though with no central leadership they do not attempt to expand their lands.

Being as Elves are now a very insular people not many know what goes on in the Ever Forrest. Few non-elves venture far from Hope and never without at least one Families consent and token. People that are caught without a token in the Ever Forrest may be dealt with harshly. This has most commonly happened with unauthorized trappers and loggers from Brastedham. Who the Elves have a sometimes tense relationship with.


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