On Fattera Ettria and Eladrin
By Hadarai

As all know the Eladrin are Fey touched some of the Feywild runs in their veins. Since the Day of Purple Sun this has only become more pronounced. The Eladrin Royal Line consciously decided on this course. Using a vast amount of magic they made it so the capital of Shalne fades into the Feywild at sunset and reappears at sunrise. They have also increased their contact with inhabitants of the Feywild and have secured some alliances and treaties.

While the Eladrin always excelled at Arcane studies, especially through Wizardry and the blending of Blade and Magic, they have also encouraged a more direct link with their citizenry and the Feywild. To protect their border with the Swathe the Eladrin rely on their staunch military and Fast Response Groups. While the military holds forts and patrols the border of the Swathe for any signs of incursion or threats to be prevented, the Fast Response Groups do the lions share of the Damage. These groups also are heavily involved in any raiding into the Swathe. They are made up of mostly Wizards and Swordmages, with common born Eladrin who have forged pacts with powers of the Feywild rounding out the groups. The renowned Academy of Dreams is the site of most magical training and study in Fattera Ettria, just about every Eladrin Swordmage and Wizard is trained there. Even people from other lands come to the Academy of Dreams to study learned magic. The Fast Response Groups are named such for their use of Magical communication and travel to quickly deploy to needed areas. In addition if possible they reclaim any magic of Belshurr that was lost to the Swathe that they come across.

The Lords of Fattera Ettria see pacts with powers as beneath them since they are elite and see only pursuit of learned magic in the Academy of Dreams as proper. The only other options are to join the Military or help with the running of the land. Though they have encouraged those pacts among the commoners as a way to boost the might and capabilities of the Eladrin Military forces.

Fattera Ettria is ruled as a Kingdom. With a King and then Lord who rule the cities and the surrounding land. There are currently eight Lords. They run most of Fattera Ettria while the Royal family is more involved with the safety of the Realm and the strengthening their ties to the Feywild. This includes sanctuary for any that must flee parts of the Feywild that correspond to the Swathe.

People from other lands come to Fattera Ettria for several reasons. In trade they come for the magic commodities that Fattera Ettria has always produced and crafts with excellence. Many also come to acquire the fabled varieties of Fey-wine, a quite potent liquor, that is produced as well. Some people also come to studay at the Academy of Dreams. Others come to Shalne to use the Royal Library, which is the largest and most diverse library of all the Lands. Though gaining entry to it is not easy. If you do not have a patron who can help you gain entrance then you must enter your name onto the Request for Entrance list. They only let a certain number of people in each day that it takes years to gain entrance through the list.


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