On Dwarven Life
By Hadarai

Dwarves have divided themselves into Clans. There are five Dwarven Clans; there were eight. Though three; Thundershield, Fellhammers, and the Brightbeards were essentially extinguished after the Day of Purple Sun. The five remaining Clans are the Longdraught, Steelhands, Battlebrands, Diamondaxes and the Icehammers (this clan changed their name several years after the Day of Purple Sun from the Flamehammers).

Each clan is led by a council of three, where each member is representing and responsible for a part of Clan society. These three areas are Military and Defense, Quarters and Family, and Trade and Production. The first is led by the Battlemaster the second by the Hearthmaster and the title for the third sometimes caries by Clan though is most often called the Forgemaster. While these three lead a clan they are also often advised by the highest ranking Priest/ess of Moradin in the Clan.

The Dwarven Clans are communally led by the Thjornstrach, often referred to as the High King by outsiders. Though a more accurate translation from Ancient Dwarfish would be Speaker of the People. The Thjornstrach is chosen by the Council of Clans, which is made up of the clan council of each Clan. Most often the Thjornstrach is chosen from this council, though it has happened that they council has chosen a non-member to lead the Dwarven people. The Thjornstrach is overall representative to the rest of the world and picks those who represent the collective clans to other lands. In the times of Belshurr the Thjornstrach was the representative of a large area of land on the Royal Council that advised the King of Belshurr. The Thjornstrach resides in Deephome and his/her personal bodyguard, the Thjornguards, is made up of an equal number of proven warriors from each Clan.

These clans collectively provide for the defense of Deephome and Phoenix Forge. Though the ones that are in charge of the defense of these places are the few lines of Dwarves from the three lost Clans that managed to survive. They now often refer to themselves as Deephome Dwarves and their purpose is to ensure the safety and existence of the remaining clans. Each member of the Clan council also has quarters in Deephome for when the Council of Clans is called. The High priest of Moradin also resides in Deephome though how s/he is chosen is known only to that priesthood. Deephome is also the center of inter Clan trade such as Phoenix Forge is the center of external Dwarven trade.

The Icehammers were once the Flamehammers. They were known for their production and use of fire enchanted items. Also for the Burnignhand, a special fighting style that blends fighting and fire magic’s. This clan has gone through the most transformation since the Day of Purple Sun. With all of the fire creatures that now occupy the land above the Dwarven lands and their incessant assault of Phoenix Forge and any Clanhold they can get to the Clan has while not abandoned Fire magic’s they have transitioned to mostly Ice magic’s. The Burninghand still exists though an offshoot of it known as the Icefists has grown greatly in numbers and capability. The Icehammer Clan Council consists of a Battlemaster a Hearthmaster and a Forgemaster. The Clan is heavily involved in military matters and produces a large number of warriors. For trade they mostly make armor and weapons, some of which are crafted with fire or ice properties.

The Diamondaxes are heavily involved in trade. They are known for their fine jewelry and other art items, though they also produce other items for trade. They are involved the least of all five Clans in military matters yet they also bring in a huge amounts of trade that helps to supply and equip all the clans. The Diamondaxes Clan Council is made up of a Battlemaster a Hearthmaster and a Jewelmaster. Often the non-military leader of Phoenix Forge is a member of this clan.

The Steelhands are heavily involved in the defense of the Dwarven lands. Their Clan Council is made up of a Battlemast, Hearthmaster and a Forgemaster. For trade they produce many weapons and heavy armors. Some of the most sought after armors for both Dwarves and non-dwarves come from this Clan. In addition this clan seems to have a larger quantity of priests and warriors of Moradin. There is a order of warriors known as the Blood of Moradin that reveres him and fights in his name. Though being from the Steelhands Clan is not a requirement for admittance to this order. Also there are the Stoneskins, who are specialized Heavy Infantry that has a set membership and many seek to be part of, that have a long history of amazing battles in defense of the Dwarven Clans.

The Battlebrands take a slightly different view of combat. Known for excelling at mobile combat tactics and more lightly armored units. Their Clan Council is composed of a Battlemaster, Heartmaster and Herdmaster. This Clan is heavily involved in animal husbandry. They keep animals that are native to or have adapted to the underdark. In addition they are said to actively seek out creatures from the land above for use in their making of all things. The order of the Flashing Spear is their elite military unit. It is composed of three units of cavalry; each unit rides a different kind of beast. They use Boars for one, Lizards for another and Rage Drakes for the last.

The Longdraughts are fairly equally split between trade and military matters. They are led by a Battlemaster, Hearthmaster, and Brewmaster in their Clan Council. Most well known for their ale and spirits, though all Clans do produce at least ale the Longdraughts are the best at their craft. They also produce a slightly odd sect of warriors that call themselves Draughtmen. They are known to be almost constantly drunk and often fight unarmed.


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