Haunt of Magic

When O' When

No sense at all

The heroes took a light rest after defeating the last bunch of goblins. After traveling for a while through some natural caverns they came to a room that to them appeared to have been a pool or pond at some point. They figured this since it resembled a empty pool and they saw drains. As they moved through the rooms out of the drains came two Ochre Jellies. A hard fight began though the Heroes prevailed and then continued on their quest for freedom and answers.

After several more hours of traveling they reached the surface and saw that they were in a valley in the middle of some mountains. They started across and were immediately in some dense woods. Soon after they were set upon by several hungry wolves. After defending themselves and taking a few wolf teeth as trophies. They had a discussion about how much light they probably had left in the day. Saleed being the most knowledgeable in these matters declared it to be spring. This caused some consternation since they all remember it being different times of years. After some discussion they realized they all remember it being the year 484(as counted since the Day of Purple Sun). Yet at least one of them said they last remember it being winter, they deduced that they were now in the spring of 485. After this they had even more questions that they want answered.

After traveling through the forest they came to the other end of the valley and found a stream and a small cave that apparently was home to several drakes including a Rage Drake. Once they had overcome these beasts they were extremely tired and it was getting late so they decided to rest for the evening and find a way out tomorrow.



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