Haunt of Magic

The White Dragon

Perrin climbed up a tree but could see no signs of civilzation so after a nights rest we headed east along the mountains. This brought us to a path up the mountain and a cave entrance. Not having any other prospects we headed into the cave, hoping to find a way through the mountain range. As the cave exited it passed through a small, snow filled valley where we were ambushed by a white dragon! Though it was close, we emerged victorious and the dragons hoard provided us with some gold, which is useless at the moment, and a set of magic armor which fit me rather well. Another trophy for when I return home, along with the dragon teeth I collected. I must brag on my knocking over of the dragon so my allies could savage it with impunity.

The tunnel led to a room, that while it looks normal turned out to be a trap as the walls began closing in. We all made it to the other side and out a door, where we found a magic circle on the floor and a “wizard” on the other side of an invisible wall who taunted us and said we were the first to ever pass the test, whatever that means. There was a flash of light and we all appeared in another location where we were beset by a group of goblins and hobgoblins. It appears we are on an island in the Broken Teeth. While not home yet, at least we know where we are now.

Kills this week/total
  • Galatus: 0/11
  • Krihko: 0/4
  • Arrian: 3/8
  • Saleed: 4/14
  • Dain: 3/13
  • Perrin: 2/17
The List:
  • Galatus 6/1/09
  • Krihko 6/15/09 (Bugbear with morningstar)

The White Dragon



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