Haunt of Magic

The Begining

What the Hell??!!!

Our adventure begins as our heroes each wake in a small stone cells with no windows or obvious doors. Each remembers going to sleep in a different place. Doors of the cells open and our PC’s meet for the first time. Each has only the clothes on their backs but soon notice their packs and armor against one wall and a locked door on the other. After several tense and confusing minutes the door swings open into a room. Then from one of the other three doors in that room come six armed goblins. Some of the PC’s retrieve weapons that are hanging on the wall while other proceed to fight barehanded.

Once this is over they continue out one of the other doors and find a hall with a door at the end and one in the corridor. Krihko decides to open the corridor door and out pour a mass of rats. The PC’s prevail though Krinko is afflicted with Filth Fever. They end up in a strange room with a magical fire pit in the center and two doors, one that is some back metal the other a Gold colored metal, that should lead out but they cannot open. After a long rest, that to some seems somewhat magically induced they awake and discover off questions appearing on the walls when they approach them. After they answer these questions about the History of Belshurr, and getting many correct, a handle appears on the Gold door…



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