Haunt of Magic

Off to the oracle

Found where the oracle should be, it’s a ruined keep with a monastery built nearby. The oracle is supposedly in the tower, the tower with no visible entrances of course. We did find some information in the form of an old poem of sorts. Hopefully it will help when we get inside. The oracle is our best chance to find out where the Vanisher is and how to defeat him. Scouting around the ruins we found a recently repaired door in a watchtower attached to a piece of keep wall. Perrin and I climbed to the top and found a way in from there, so we hauled up the others and headed down. Perrin saw a glow coming up and we assumed it was torchlight. We were wrong.

The first floor down had some strange fire beetles, which was the source of the glow. After we engaged them a man-rat jumped out and attacked us as well. in defeat the man-rat turned into a halfling, apparently a were-rat of sorts. Dain was caught in the fire blast from a number of the beetles and went down, but he proved resilient and is back in the fight now. The lower floors contained more of the were-rats, but no way into the tower. Just a caved in tunnel.

A corridor connect this watchtower with the next one so we headed that way. Sure enough, the next tower contained some more of the were-rats, and though Krihko tried to reason with them a fight was inevitable. This group had a shadow bat and a acid spitting drake as pets, and the drake knocked Saleed out of the fight. Just as we had almost finished them off, reinforcements arrived from a lower level. The fight took us close to our limits but we prevailed.

Trophies taken: wolf teeth drake teeth white dragon teeth hobgoblin ring halfling wererat clan symbol

Kills this week/total Galatus: 9/20 Krihko: 2/6 Arrian: 5/13 Saleed: 1/15 Dain: 1/14 Perrin: 4/21

The List: Galatus 6/1/09 Krihko 6/15/09 (Bugbear with morningstar) Dain 6/29/09 (Fire beetle) Saleed 6/29/09 (Acid drake spit)



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