Haunt of Magic

Lost at Sea and in Time

I thought this could not get any weirder, but it has. We have been missing not for a few months but for 20 years. 20!

A quick recon of the island found no way off. No ship, no dock and no sign of anyone else. The comments made by the hobgoblins when we appeared led us to believe that a ship, with as many as 60 goblins, could arrive within a week. We figured our chances were better at sea, so we spent a few days gathering supplies and building a raft, then set off for the trade lanes to the north. We were well out of water and food by the time we were picked up by a halfling merchantman. The captain of the ship knew Perrin, or Perrins family, or something, and he was the one who told us how long we had been missing. Quite a shock, but it just hardened my resolve to find that mage who “vanished” us.

The ship took us to Fattera Etria, the Eladrin land. There we found rumors that have led us to a tower just over the border in the Swathe. Supposedly there is a oracle of sorts here who will answer a question for us, which should get us closer to finding the Vanisher.

Kills this week/total
  • Galatus: 0/11
  • Krihko: 0/4
  • Arrian: 0/8
  • Saleed: 0/14
  • Dain: 0/13
  • Perrin: 0/17
The List:
  • Galatus 6/1/09
  • Krihko 6/15/09 (Bugbear with morningstar)



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