Haunt of Magic

Dirty Smelly...


The group continues on through the Gold door and immediately finds more Goblins. While fairly handily defeating this group two of the Goblins run and lead them down a long corridor that happens to have two pit traps just before it widens and a couple more goblins are waiting for them.

Though overcoming the traps and reaching the goblins was somewhat difficult the heroes manage to overcome them. After a quick breather to disable the pit traps and slap some bandages on their wounds the group presses on. They enter an area of natural caves and come across yet another group of goblins. Led by a Goblin Hexer this group give the Heroes more trouble after a rough battle our Heroes do prevail.

They do find a chest that contained a brooch, a pair of bracers and a small vial. Hoping that they have seen an end to these nasty filthy goblins the heroes take a short rest and press on.



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